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Read This to Feel Better About Yourself

This post is to make sure everyone knows I am not a "supermom." So let's just keep things real.

Summer Home School. Down the Drain.

Remember that whole summer schedule...well I was dreaming. The girls loved it for about 3 weeks. Then vacation after vacation interfered. All of a sudden every time I try to start our school time, I am greeted with a chorus of "Noooo, it's not fun Mom." So then I have to admit I stoop to comments like, "Ellery you must not want to go to Kindergarten next year." I really have some work to do with my parenting skills. Most days end up like yesterday. Our structured learning time lasted about 10 minutes...and the wild roaming of the neighborhood...5 hours.

Emmett was Smelling Awfully Sweet

I looked down at my sweet son yesterday and realized I couldn't remember the last time I had bathed him. I know. Horrible. I would have probably thought a mother like myself needed to be turned into family services, before I had three children of my own. His vitals were clean, but everything else was getting quite ripe. I bathed him last night so you can hang up the phone.

The Ugliest Bread Loaf You Have Ever Seen

I think I need some sort of prize for the ugliest bread loaf ever created. I have been honing my bread making skills for four years now. I was beginning to feel like something of an expert. In fact I am even mildly well known amongst my friends and neighbors for my bread. So a couple weeks ago I decided I would do a post on bread making. I took pictures from the unground grains all the way through the process. Then something odd happened. My loaves raised funny and they turned into the ugliest things I'd ever made. So I scratched the post to wait and take pictures of the next time I made bread. That happened today. You guessed it. Again. The ugliest loaves. I have no idea what happened. I didn't change anything. Any true experts out there know what my problem is? They do taste great still (to my own defense), but they look horrid. I was getting to confident.

So much for the TV Diet

Remember that big national TV appearance I had...that ended up getting canned...well I lost 10 lbs in anticipation. I put 5 lbs back on. Remember this is at the same time I am exercising like a maniac. I ran 13 miles on Monday. How do you put on weight doing that? Okay, I know. I get super hungry and so I eat a lot. Healthy stuff, but obviously too many calories.

Green Thumb Turned Something Else

My garden is a mess. My tomatoes, beans, peas, melons, everything is either wildly out of control or a dud. My jalepenos are sweet. No kick. My lettuce tastes so gross Brent and I finally admitted to each other we didn't even want to eat it anymore. I did have some kale that I tried so hard to grow last year...it wouldn't come up...that surfaced this year. It tastes good. I am still holding out some hope, but not much. I can't blame it on the weather. My neighbors garden looks like her cucumbers and tomatoes were grown in the Garden of Eden.

There you have it. Just keeping things real. Go feel a whole lot better about yourself.

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Brittney said...

I love this post! =) We all have our ups and downs, right? I'm glad, too, that you guys survived your CA trip! The pics of San Francisco made me want to go, even if it is only seeing it from the inside of an SUV!