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Is Your Child a Biter?

All this talk of vampires...and Emmett gets bit. A giant chomp on his cheek yesterday morning from vampire baby. Actually there were 2 bites. The first occurred so quick, while our little vampires mom was around, I wasn't sure it was a bite. Emmett just started wailing and his calf was all red. Baby vampires mom pulled him away and scolded him to be gentle. I didn't think much about it. But 2 hours later (it was vampire moms b-day and I was watching her kids for her)Emmett was in his saucer (I thought he was safe), and chomp. This time it was really bad. Who could blame baby vampire. Emmett has lusciously chubby cheeks. I often want to eat him up too. But this was quite traumatizing.

(This picture is of the wound after a day, it looked a lot worse yesterday)

Don't misunderstand, I love vampire baby. He is darling and sweet and only 11 months old. His mom is awesome. A wonderful mom and friend. I love her too. So what do you do when your child is a biter? This is one of those dilemmas I constantly face as a parent. I tell my kids to speak in a kind voice, but sometimes after telling them kindly 6x my tone can become not so kind anymore. Sigh....what to do?

Whether in business or as a mom I have to make choices everyday. With each decision I hope it's the right one. I have to keep on my knees a lot. I need lots of help to maneuver my way through life. Sometimes the clutter, the laundry, the endless bedtime battles, the uncertainty in trying to raise kind, confident, well adjusted children, the ups and downs...it can all be a bit daunting. It takes faith, that's for sure.

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Suzie said...

My second son (he's 21 months old) is starting to be a bit of a biter. I really hope he grows out of it.