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Discovery Kingdom USA

We had a much more successful day at Six Flags than in the city. We equipped ourselves with tons of food and rented a big double stroller for the girls. I was impressed with the park. There was so much to do for little children. And while it was a far cry from DisneyLand, it was clean and entertaining. My only complaint...the prices. It was super expensive to get in, and then they nickle and dimed you for EVERYTHING once you were in the park.

Before the Log Ride....notice Ellery clutching Brent!

After the Log Ride...not too wet!

Emmett, smiling and kicking the day away. He hung out with Papi in the shade.

These smiles were actually real and continued almost "perma-smiles" the entire day.

Thomas the Train. When Emmett gets a little older, I'm sure the whole family will appreciate this ride more. Ellery and Callista only have a vague idea of who Thomas is. But assured me that Emmett "loves" Thomas.

Mimi's favorite: The Butterfly Gardens. Actually the girls and I loved this too. Butterflies were everywhere. It was almost more than Ellery could handle. She kept grabbing my arm and tugging me this way and that to snap photos.

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