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San Francisco a view from the Tahoe

I have come to understand the word "vacation" in a whole new light with 3 children. Previous trips to California found us jaunting around to beaches, restaurants, shops, hikes etc. Now it consists of what can we see out the window of my father-in-laws tahoe. This included:

A whiz through China Town (I think I saw some knock-off Prada...not sure...it's hard to tell when you are going 35 mph)

A drive down Lombard Street (My mom grew up in SF, she always believed her dad held some sort record for speeding down the "curviest street in the world." I don't think they let you do that anymore. Pops wasn't up for trying.)

A run out to the beach to snap a photo; we really should have kept the car running. It was freezing. (The smile on Ellery's face, I am pretty sure that was the only one of the day. I think we also must have bribed or threatened her somehow, I have blocked it out.)

A pic at the Golden Gate Bridge. (This time we did keep the car running and Peter Pan playing.)

A stop at Fisherman's Wharf. Ellery agreed to get out because she knew there was a chocolate shop where Papi would buy her something.

A quick tour of Alcatraz. (Okay...so I glanced at it from the raised walkway on the way to the wharf. )

To my children's defense, they were extremely tired. Everything is hard when you are tired. For every season of life there are frustrations and joy. Yesterday...during an especially blissful moment of our layover in Long Beach... Brent told me he was going to put me on the plane with the kids and just disappear. I love him. I love our children. What an adventure is life!

And a tragic side note which added a huge kink into the vacation. We have lost our beloved Premaxx sling. I know Emmett was getting big for it...but ohhhh I missed it. We believe it must be in a potato field in Idaho...it never made it home from the spudman. Such is life.

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