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My brilliant scheming to try and contact Kelly Ripa and Elizabeth Hasselbeck to bring them on board with Cap Trappers seems to have gone belly-up. No response. My husband is sure they went to the correct addresses...I don't know. I may try sending some product to the studios...Maybe I will try Oprah and Ellen...I cringe as I write this. Why do I cringe. I think all us mom business owners think we have the most brilliant original products out there, and just because someone else is a woman they will love it. I fall into the trap.

Just a clue at how bad I am...I have put off calling the mechanic to fix the W/D until Sept 8th. What is September 8th? The day they announce the winner of the Whirlpool Mother of Invention Grant. Boy do I want to win the new W/D!

On to more good news and bad news...thanks to the amazing influx of sales from the Deseret News article we have just about blown through all of our inventory! We had several stores contact us to carry Cap Trappers as well as lots of orders on Amazon. In fact I am disappointed I don't have any left to even give to Ellery's kindergarten teacher.

More good news...Cap Trappers will officially be part of the Alison Sweeney baby shower gift bags. Over at Hot Mom's Club (throwing the extravaganza) they loved the unique, fresh, and playful, and useful nature of Cap Trappers. The shower is not until November...again the excruciatingly long time line!!!! I seem to be always butting heads with the calendar.

Finally...I am entering the ideablob contest. It starts September 1st and runs for a month. The idea with the most votes wins $10,000. You have to register on the website to vote, but it is free and no strings attached. I will keep you posted on how to do it...hopefully you will all vote for me. I need more inventory!

There it is...lots of updates and follow-ups.

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