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The Taco Bed and 4 Wheeling Freedom

Brent and I ventured into the unknown yesterday. In more than one way. We were alone, wow, and in uncharted territory on a 4 wheeler.

This adventure starts with the "taco" bed. I have been working the last week to get Emmett onto a schedule. At 6 months old, both he and I were ready. I cherish the first six months. Snuggling at night. Just being able to look over at him sleeping. But our "taco" bed started to get the best of us both. The 25 year old California King, adorns our "master suite."

Which is by far the best decorated room in our home. Ha ha. We call it the taco as w all have a tendency, a very large tendency in fact, to roll into the middle. When I say "we all," I literally me all of us. Yes most nights by 3 am you can find all 5 of us in bed together. But as of late, Emmett started waking up a lot and grabbing for me virtually all night. I was like a 24 hour 7/11 for him. It was time. The clincher...Callista started crawling out of the crib. So we transitioned.

I mean look at him...he is sitting up now. What a big boy! I ache with every passing day though, knowing he is growing up...it is just going so fast. And he is soooo perfect. I don't want him to become a toddler :)

Back to the 4 wheeling...with Emmett now asleep for the night at 6pm, Brent and I have regained some freedom. Hallelujah! We try to spend a lot of time together, just the two of us. I don't want to be 55, kids out of the house and look over at Brent and realize we have nothing in common anymore. So my awesome little sister Monica came over to stay with the kids. It didn't hurt I had New Moon and Eclipse for her to read. She is gaga over Edward.

We look official huh? Brent has always been a gear junkie. Is it any surprise he owns a sports gear company? Not really. I remember the first time he took me snowboarding, he had me decked out in pads from head to toe!

We decided to explore the "Hope to Hobble" trail. This is a 20 miler I have scheduled for the 30th. It is sponsored by a local running club. Brent and I have mountain biked portions of it, but never the full stretch. We decided to venture into the unknown on motorized vehicles so I wasn't going in blind on foot!

Wow. The trail is gorgeous. And steep. And long. At least by my standards. I wouldn't describe it as rolling. I would describe it as treacherous. And rocky. Very rocky. I have no idea if I can actually handle it. But the two of us had a great time. Although we were frozen dust bunnies upon our post-sunset return!

It would have been perfect if only we had found a secluded make-out spot. Sigh... Maybe next time :)

It seems like I am always venturing into the unknown...gotta get these cap trappers on store shelves...

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Brittney said...

Great post - so funny! And yes, Emmett is getting so big. But he's DARLING!