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I'm Not in Love with Edward. Anyone Else?

I have held off reading the Twilight series for sometime. They just haven't seemed that appealing to me. But on Friday I read an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal about Stephanie Meyer and the Twilight phenomenon. The jist of the piece was the positive, and meaningful effect Meyers is having on teen sexuality. Government and schools and parents for that matter have been trying unsuccessfully for years to promote abstinence, with no success. But Stephanie Meyers has made abstinence HOT!

I was intrigued. I have always been a firm believer in abstinence before marriage. My husband was as well. I was drawn to the bookstore to support a mother who was helping young women everywhere expect more from relationships. I bought the paperback versions of Twilight and New Moon.

Disappointed. That sums up my review of this book. I could not get into the romance. Maybe if I was in High School, but even then... My husband says I didn't get into it because I have the real thing. A perfect husband, a deep emotionally, spiritually and physically satisfying relationship. He's right. I don't know if that is why the book didn't work for me or not. I'm sure there are women out there with satisfying relationships who liked these books.

I am giving New Moon to my nineteen year old sister for her birthday next week. She is definitely still yearning for an Edward to love and love her.

It is a fascinating study in a vastly popular trend. I have read quite a bit about the development of this "movement." We need a cap trapper movement. Maybe I should put a picture of Edward on my packaging. Then I would really attract some women!

Maybe if I get bored I will finish the series. I read The Host. I actually preferred it. It was far fetched but I admit being quite drawn into the plot. Less romantic. I hope I haven't offended the millions of Twilight Lovers out there!

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