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Constitutional Disclaimer

We use Drudge, as one of our main sources for news headlines. This one I came across this afternoon was quite shocking

Amazon is selling copies of the Constitution with a, I feel highly offensive, disclaimer.

Of all the works that may need a disclaimer like this, I just can't believe the Constitution is one of them. All Americans have a duty to understand and study the Constitution. They should be able to understand and discuss it with their children and neighbors. It is neither a racist nor sexist or anything else. I am certainly no Constitutional scholar but I have read it in the last 3 months, and try my best to understand the principles upon which it is based and the intentions of the founders.


Ashley said...

Bec... Good luck on Thursday!!! I hope everything goes well, we'll be praying for you...

Jessica said...

So, I saw this too and was going to send you a quick email on it but did not want it to make you BP rise and you turn severe so I decided not to.