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So Pretty!

The green Hawaiian sundress you see popping up in all the photos recently of Callista has caused quite the stir. When she put it on for the first time this summer (a few days ago) Emmett was enamoured.

"Ohhh Nanni! So pretty! So pretty. Ohhhh!"

Both Callista and I felt our hearts melting. She kept saying thank you Emmy and he just kept smiling and touching her and telling her how pretty he thought she was in her green Hawaiian sundress.

Emmett, bless his little heart is very particular about clothing. In fact, the most fussy of all my children. He searches through his closet for his very favorite outfits, and wishes he could wear his clip on tie everyday of the week, because he is so handsome in it.

Brent thought it would be fun if the children pretended they were monkey's and hung out in the apple tree. Ellery was the only one semi-brave enough to try.

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