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A Peek

I had a fabulous doctors appointment today, with a BP of 122/68! Imagine that. Getting a reading at the doctors like I do at home. Who would have thought it possible? My doctor was astounded. We had a good laugh. The delivery is still scheduled for Thursday morning. With the protein still in my urine at above 300, they feel the risks are greater to prolong the pregnancy.

But...more importantly, I asked if I could watch the c-section. He thought that would be perfectly fine. I just need to ask for a mirror! I am giddy at the prospect. This little token, would help me feel a part of the birth. It is so difficult to feel connected when I've never experienced labor, or any part of traditional childbirth.

Brent is completely grossed out by the entire concept.

....6 hours later....

I asked the nurses in Labor and Delivery tonight while I was having my NST about the mirror. They said there is no way they could work it out. That is disappointing. I am still trying to think up something.

(And my BP was ultra low my entire NST today. Seems like I am done panicking about having a premature baby. I wonder if they will allow me to forgo seizure medication? It is definitely worth asking.)

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