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A Little Snapshot of Berkeley

Berkeley Rose
Born June 10th, 2010 at 7:03 am
17.5 inches
5 lbs 8 oz
Here are a couple photos of our new angel...she is improving everyday. Still in the NICU but breathing on her own. She is building strength and hopefully will be interested in eating soon. No long term complications at all.

We are just waiting for her to mature a bit. Her gestational age appears to be a couple weeks behind what the doctors calculated.

We love her, but I miss her like crazy in my room by myself. Rooming alone in the hospital was not something I wanted to ever do again after Ellery. But overall we are all coping well. The kids are safely playing away at Grandma and Grandpas. Hopefully there are no more chicken predators on the look out for another tasty snack :)
More details to come....


Za said...

She looks so cute! Looks a little like her brother. Glad all is well.

EmJay said...

Are you blogging from the hospital? She is so sweet. I am sorry and totally empathize with the lonliness. They whisked TJ away to the NICU right after he was born. When does she get to come home?

Brittney said...

Yay, pictures! I'm glad everything's going well. She's DARLING! Looks so much like your other kids! I feel for you all alone in your room... I hope they let her out soon!

HanksFam said...

She is so cute. She does look like Emmett to me. And she does have hair! So fun! I hope you're feeling well and that you heal quickly.

kellebelle said...

Congrats on another beautiful baby! Way to endure to the end on this pregnancy. :)

Miller time said...

Wow rebecca looks like you have been through it all these last couple of days. There is an end insight and you'll be with all your babies snuggling away in your big king bed. Berkley is in our prayers! I hope she is able to keep getting stronger and she can come home soon with out oxygen:) love you guys keep in there it will be finished soon and life will be normal again.
P.S. Berkley is beautiful she looks like a girly looking emmett.

Jo Lynn said...

She's beautiful, I'm so happy for you. What a tiny little thing..I'm slowly catching up with all the posts!!!