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The Beauty of Baby Fat

You might notice a few things from the picture above. First of all I have a new camera. Hooray!! I am very proud to say I did my part today to help stimulate the economy.

Secondly, Emmett is still in love with his sling! This little butterbean (as we have taken to calling him) absolutely loves to be squished and cuddled in his carrier.

Thirdly of note is the growing number of rolls on his body. These rolls are quite foreign to Callista, as she has never had any in her life. The little wiry thing has always burned way too many calories to get a lick of fat (even the adorable baby fat) on her body. While changing Emmetts diaper, Callista pinched the little roll you see pointed out by the red arrow in the picture. The following conversation ensued:

Callista: Mommy what is this for? (holding the roll inbetween her fingers)

Me: What do you mean? It is just a little fat roll.

Callista: But Mom, what does it do? (Imagine arms raised, shoulders shrugged, and head cocked)

Me: It doesn't do anything.

Callista: Why does he have it?

Me: It just keeps him warm and looking cute.

Callista: Oh. (Finally releases the roll and runs off with a giant smile on her face.)

Thankfully her little fingers didn't wander elsewhere in the vicinity of these rolls! Except I think she has that all figured out by now. Baths with Emmett and diaper changes are always eventful, and have us girls ducking for cover!

Why are rolls cute on babies legs and not Moms? Maybe if we found a purpose for them, they would be more accepted? Hmmm.....

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Brittney said...

That is so funny! I love it. And I love that he's a sling baby. Enjoy it as long as you can!