t h e m a y f i l e s is foremost a family blog, chronicling everyday life. Life including natural, healthy eating (with recipes thrown in at random), home educating (with ideas popping up sporadically), an attempt to homestead on .2 acres (with very meager yields), raising 3 of 4 children with a rare genetic disorder, and lots of highly personal family triumphs and failures. You may also find an eclectic array of musings on politics, exercise, sewing, emergency preparedness, backyard chickens, and religion. This blog isn't a campaign to glorify anyone or anything. Just simply a record.


Oh Where is my Stimulus Check?

Tomorrow is the last day to receive your economic stimulus check. Tomorrow I will actually love George Bush because you guessed it, tomorrow is the day we get our check. . I think I would give him a big hug. Do think Obama would give us a stimulus check? Finally is all I have to say. I am ready to start stimulating the economy! First on my list...a new camera! Hooray. Then I can actually post some recent pictures again. Thankfully the check comes within days of my camera coupon at Costco. I am very excited for my new camera...10 MP as compared to 5 MP. But most importantly, it is really skinny. Much more portable. And I am all about portability...think Cap Trappers!

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