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California Dreaming!

After a day of recovery we headed to California to visit with my in-laws. We tried so hard to be on the ball and bought our tickets way ahead of time. Lucky for us our flight was canceled. We were re-booked with a layover! A layover! I have 3 small children. Are you kidding me!

Thankfully I have angelic children. Here are a few shots of our adventure.

Self-portrait of the family. Emmett's head is cut off but boy do I love my new camera!

Yes, her teeth are blue. I admit to resorting to blue "cotton-candy" suckers as bribery. What else is a mother to do when faced with 8 hours of traveling?

Ellery being my oh-so big helper. I had to love her comment as the flight attendant offered us beverages. When soda was offered her, she responded. "Mom we don't drink that. Only old men do." I have to attribute that to my fathers insatiable thirst for diet coke! Ellery has been on a few too many diet coke runs with him.

The "should-have-been" 2 hour layover in Long-Beach which turned into a 4 hour ordeal. Of course 1 1/2 of those were sitting on the plane while it was "jumped." Yes, a bit creepy. The children have Cap Trappers, naturally, to keep them occupied.

Ellery was quite captivated by watching herself on the camera. I love this little clip because it is so true to her character. She smiles and averts her eyes!

This clip is just as telling with Callista. Here we were playing "Mother May I" and of course the only sort of movement acceptable was "bunny hops."

We finally made it to Oakland. And I am again asking myself, "Why don't I live here. Why do I live in Utah?"

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Brittney said...

I hope you guys had (are having?) a wonderful time in CA! Congrats on your triathalon! And tell Brent happy b-day for me. =)

BTW, your girls are darling! Ellery is getting to be so grown up!