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Slueth Your Way to the Top!

Brent and I had quite the entertaining evening tonight. He has amazing information finding skills. This includes some serious internet savvy. With a first and last name he finds addresses, phone numbers and a slue of other information of key people we want to show Cap Trappers.

For a small company there is so much red tape when trying to get through and get to a person who actually has some say. I believe so much in these Cap Trappers. I think it really could revolutionize marker use! So our sole purpose is simply to get some Cap Trappers into the hands of someone who actually has some pull, or can connect us to the right person!

It was quite intriguing to watch him work. Thankfully, we don't try to abuse the information in anyway. We are completely harmless information gatherers, and I won't teach you how either (I couldn't anyways because I have no idea, my husband did it?). We just send some Cap Trappers!

So here is the lesson, with a little of your own legwork at home, you can find the contact information of just about anyone you need. Don't pay someone or some site thousands of dollars to do it for you.

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