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Watch the Curb!

I seem to be developing a bad habit. Hitting curbs at just the wrong angle and sending myself and my bike skidding across the road in tandem. It is not pretty. Neither is my raspberried, swollen chin. Thankfully my helmet protected the rest of my head. Now if I could only just learn to use my head. You would think I would have learned my lesson from the garden hose last spring (same principle as a small curb) but I didn't.

I blame this on my birth to the biking world on a mountain bike. No matter what angle I hit anything, I could usually recover. (Although that does not explain all the battle wounds on my legs from my mountain biking years. We won't go into it.) Now , on a road bike, even after 3 years, I still seem to think those skinny little tires will take a curb the same way as my mountain bike.

I better learn a lesson from this. Learn from my mistakes yes. But more than that, just because to activities appear to be similar, it doesn't mean the same rules apply.

If I had a camera I would post some pictures of my road rash. But I don't. You will just have to imagine the beauty of my chin, elbow, knee, and hip!


Brittney said...

Ouch! I hope you're feeling better!

Monica said...

ohhh it was a beautiful "beauty mark" as mom would call it!