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More Moms and Teachers are Discovering Cap Trappers!

It is so fun to see the reaction of people as they discover Cap Trappers. With no marketing at all we seem to be discovered daily by moms on the internet and the excitement grows. A mom today was so excited about them, not only did she buy them but she also reviewed them. Check out her blog to see her take on Cap Trappers. LaurinandKellytalk.com

....I especially like the part about how they eliminate the need to use your body as a swiffer as you search for caps :) Been there.

MomsFavoriteStuff also has a great review on Cap Trappers today. The blog writer, Chris, is a former teacher like myself. With pip squeaks, and dry erase, she hasn't found a marker they don't fit. Head over to her site and see what she has to say!

We can just add these to the growing list of moms who love cap trappers enough to try and spread the word everywhere! Here are a couple old reviews too from Make and Takes and Cool Mom Picks...if you missed them.

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Laurin (@LaurinEvans) said...

Hi Rebecca. Thanks for the shout out. Your blog is adorable, by the way. Love the banner.