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Oh Pioneers

It is Pioneer Day in Utah. A significant holiday in these parts. Even though I've now lived in Utah for 12 years, I am still adjusting to all the festivities, and the fact that everything shuts down! Growing up in the mid-West, I remember in Sunday School in July we would sing pioneer songs. That was the celebration. In Utah it is another story. And rightly so. This state has a rich pioneer heritage. The examples of pioneer sacrifice are inspiring. They followed God despite the emotional and physical consequences. I can only strive to have the same dedication to God in my own life. The treks that I face are different. The blizzards and disease and burials I must protect my own children from are violence, pornography, addiction, greed, and myriad more evils of our society. My butterbean, my pip, and my el. I would sacrifice everything to protect them.

My Sweet "ButterBean"

My Little Pip

My Beautiful El

My sister, who lives 2 hours North of here, is facing the same battles to protect her own children. A four-year-old girl was lured into a home (in a "kid-friendly" neighborhood) by a 20 year old man. The enticement: candy and movies for her. He raped her and sent her back outside. Sick. She ran home and told her parents. Thankfully, thy arrested the disgusting fiend. I tell my children not to be coaxed by candy. But I had no idea how enticing candy was to children until I had them. It almost makes me want to stock my shelves with candy. Almost. I did tell my girls if anyone offers them candy and movies: yell no; run away, and tell mom. I will give them as much candy and whatever movies they want.

Best-of-luck to all the mother pioneers trekking with their own little families in this wilderness. God will be with us all, if we let him.

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