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Deceptively Delicious: A Lesson for Life

Emmett: Deceptively Darling...Enjoying his first solids, a little carrot puree!

I gave in and bought the Deceptively Delicious cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld yesterday. I haven't bought it because it seemed so trendy, and I am definitely not a celebrity follower. But as I was making up one of the daily smoothies I feed my family (today's included: 2 handfuls spinach, 1 handful parsley, 2/3 cup flaxseed meal, 2 handfuls broccoli florrets, 2 nectarines, 1/2 banana, 2/3 cup frozen berries, 1 cup orange juice, and 2 handfuls carrots) I thought, you know I already hide all sorts of things, I might as well see what else I can hide.

So I bought the book at Costco ($13.95, not too bad). So far so good. Last night I made the chicken nuggets with sweet potato batter. My sisters's comment: "I have never seen your kids eat so much! Wow." I think Ellery and Callisa each had about 8 of them.

Tonight I made the tortilla "cigars." We called them "baby tacquitos." Ellery loved them. Her comment: "This cheese is funny." Probably because it had carrot and squash purees mixed in. But she gobbled 2 of them.

Callista dismembered hers to pick out her little treasures (the steak chunks inside). Ellery was pretending to be a pirate piggy and snitch Callista's "treasures." Callista wasn't as into this meal. However, I didn't feel too bad because she had just eaten an entire piece of corn and earlier in the day a huge cucumber. I don't battle veggies with her too much.

Tonight, Ellery and I made the carrot cake muffins. Not bad. They aren't too sweet, and I like the apricot and prune chunks, couldn't even taste the cauliflower.

I would say so far so good with this cookbook. I do have to make some subsitutions. I only like to use things in their most natural states. No way on the margarine or low fat cheeses, canola oil, cooking spray, refined sugar etc. But all the substitutions are easy. I really gave my blender a workout today making all those purees though.

Emmett had a little treat, his first little taste of solids, some yummy carrot puree. But he wasn't too sure about it. I know he looks super happy, but he was very confused...I missed that shot (but these are cuter anyways!)

It is all about appearance. With my smoothies, I keep them green and thick for myself, but my family won't have anything to do with them when they are green. I add berries and walah! it is purple and yummy!

Lesson for the day: So many times if we just pretend we totally know what we are doing, people believe us, and we either learn it by pretending, or buy ourselves some time to figure it out! I have been grateful for this in my little business hobby, parenting, teaching...in all sorts of situations.

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Brittney said...

That is one hard core smoothie! I'll have to start throwing more veggies into ours.