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Emmett: My Angel Child

Who would of thought I would get a perfect angel for a baby. (Check out that skull, a perfect round halo!) Emmett has been smiling at me since 10 days old. Real smiles. My sister didn't believe me, she claimed "gas" smiles. But my teeny 6 lb baby would gaze up at me with his big blue eyes and smile directly into my eyes. He hasn't stopped since.

Proofs of his Angelic demeanor...

....Smiling at his mother at the smallest hint of a glance
.....Grabs mommy's face, pulls it close and kisses, kisses, kisses!! (he does get a big fistful of hair every so often as well)
.....Cooing at his mom
.....Laughing and squealing at his big sisters, (even after surviving a full day of mauling, I mean playing, from pip)
.....Sleeping nuzzled against his mom, waking ever so often to gaze up at her
.....His propensity towards nakedness. He loves to "Go free" with no diap, and kick his legs as hard as he can

Maybe it is just because I am getting older, but I lam enjoying this baby so much. I love every moment with him. Ellery was the first baby and all the stress that comes along with that, plus she had all the health problems. Callista--she has gone a mile a minute since she was born. And she has no quiet voice. She basically screamed her lungs out in protest (which was the vast majority of the time) or squealed in delight (which was a lot too!). Emmett is by far, my most joyful, loving baby.

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