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The Emotional Roller Coaster of Entrepreneurship

I had no idea the emotional roller coaster you ride as an entrepreneur. Savvy May Creations and the Cap Trappers are definitely throwing me for some loops! The ups and downs are just amazing. I have an entirely new appreciation for my husband the last 8 years. He started a business from scratch. I often would pry to have him tell me all the details of everything that was going on. He was always hesitant. Usually he spoke in vague generalities. I have to admit sometimes I was a little bit hurt by this. However, now I totally understand.

It seems like everyday or (few days) there is something amazingly exciting that happens...and then just as fast things don't happen...or fall apart...or move in a completely different direction. It has my emotions going haywire. And this is just a hobby for me. It is not like I am trying to support and provide for my family like Brent. He has all that added pressure.

So after all these years I find out just another way my husband is so perfect, and how well he knows me and how much he loves me. When it comes to the company that pays for our family...I am glad I don't have a huge emotional involvement. I like to know the generalities and be informed, but I would be a nervous wreck with the day to day theme park ride of running your own business.

A side effect of a blog, and spilling all the beans to your family, is that little lurking fear of failure. I have never been one who likes to fail or give up. I am also not afraid of anything hard. Even today...I found myself on the Spudman website analyzing all my past splits, and the splits in my age division...wondering if I could get a PR or place...not willing to accept that I might be slower with a 5 month old nursing baby...it is so ridiculous. Oh well. There is a thrill that comes with it.

When I got off my bike this morning after riding 25 miles into a grueling headwind, and started running (they call this a brick in tri training, for a good reason too...your legs literally feel like bricks) there was nothing that felt good about it. However I wouldn't trade the feeling of accomplishment that I will keep with me this entire day.

This blog went from roller coaster to serious rambling!

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Amy said...

You are amazing Rebecca. I've learned trying to start a business, it's hard to stay positive, and it's sooo much work!! Anyway, your great, your product is great, and I loved your feature in utah valley mag too!