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Mother of Invention

Today I entered the Whirlpool Mother of Invention competition. It for moms with ideas. The grand prize is $20,000, a bunch of appliances and a new home office. I could use all of those! Thank goodness for StartUp Princess alerting me to the contest. It ends on July 31st. Winners are notified mid-September. I found another great use for my months of writing the business plan. I get bonus points for submitting it, and patent and trademark documentation. It is a shot in the dark, but I am confident and excited about Cap Trappers. I think I will try some mom celebrities with shows. If they love them, who knows...all those celeb loving moms will too!

I am going to get Brent sleuthing out some addresses for me. Celebrity moms this time. As far as the follow-up on all those packages we sent to CEOs...so far we just got a reject letter from Crayola. They said they don't accept outside ideas...they even mailed them back!!! Humphh! I do think Office Depot was intrigued. I have reason to believe they spent some time on my site. Maybe they are still contemplating. It is a roller-coaster for sure. And I am exposing my efforts, so everyone will see success or failure. I am so brave :)!

Office Max...if you are reading this, Cap Trappers are a perfect fit for your stores. Check out the video on the website, it is full of testimonials from your target customers on why they want and need Cap Trappers.


Za said...

Don't be discourage.They will be sorry for saying no to the Cap Trappers.When there's a door close there's always other open :)

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