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Get Back Up and Try Again!

Check out this video....

Is it any surprise our backyard is the neighborhood favorite? Beyond the plethora of childhood dreams including tree houses with troll bridges, zip lines, firepits, gardens, woodpiles full of snakes, strawberry and raspberry patches, we happen to have the "Coolest Dad" that makes it all happen.

I better confess. Although it doesn't look like it in the video, it took us about 15 minutes of coaxing to get Ellery to go down the zip line for this video. She used to do "superwoman" jumps off the platform, but thanks to some sweaty palms this Spring she ended up sprawled on the ground. She lost all her guts! This is torcher for me as a mother to have gutless children. I always prided myself on being the bravest girl around. I was always the first one off our "tarzan swing." I guess they are still pretty little, there is hope for them yet.

We keep trying to encourage them. The whole "get back up and do it again concept...just keep trying...." It hasn't sunk in. (Callista of course is much braver, but insists on being just like Ellery. So if Ellery won't do it--neither will she.) It is an important concept in life. I still struggle sometimes with it. There are so many opportunities for failure, but just as many opportunities for success if we keep trying.

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